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Interested in applying? There is never any cost or obligation to submitting an application at United Zion Retirement Community. Request your application today. Have a question or want more information? Call us at 717-627-8421 or email us.

Applying to the Future Resident List for Residential Living

  • Week One: After visiting the community, determine the type and size of residence you prefer.
  • Week Two to Three: Complete the initial application. United Zion will confirm what units will be the best fit financially.
  • Week Four:  Consider the Future Resident Priority List.
  • In Future Months or Years: Respond to United Zion when contacted about an available residence, arranging a visit and determine if the residence is suitable to your needs.

Process for Reserving an Available Cottage or Apartment

  • Week One: See the available apartment or cottage and determine if it’s the right fit for your needs. Provide 10% deposit and sign residency agreement. Plus, submit updated proof of finances.
  • Week Two – Three: Confirm desired options.
  • During the Following Two to Three Months: Prepare for moving (usually within 60 days of providing the 10% deposit).
  • Move-in Day: Make final entrance fee payment and get the keys to your new home.

Want A Faster Timeline? Consider the Future Resident Priority List.

The Future Resident Priority List gives you the timeliest access to available residences for independent residential living. It requires a deposit of $1,000 that will be applied towards your entrance fee. Should an unexpected event suddenly increase your readiness, you will be in a better position to secure a residence. If you decline an opening, you do not lose your position on the list! Interested in applying? Give us a call at 717-627-8421 to discuss.

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