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Below are a list of frequently asked questions about senior living at United Zion Retirement Community.

Are you building new senior independent living apartments in Lancaster County, PA?

We completed 10 new one-bedroom, one-bath senior apartments here in Lititz in the Fall of 2018. Each apartment is in our main building with convenient indoor access to dining, wellness, chapel, salon service, and more. Learn more here or call (717) 627-8421 to talk with us or schedule a tour.

What qualifications are necessary for residency?

Each resident, or at least one person of a couple, should be 62 years of age or older. Completion of an application will assist in determining financially eligibility as well as the accommodations and services most suitable to the resident’s needs and preferences. Verification of financial resources will be required prior to reserving a specific residence for occupancy.

Can an apartment or cottage be customized to my liking?

Yes! When an existing residence becomes available, United Zion Retirement Community refurbishes the residence. During this process, we are able to work with the new resident(s) in customizing the living space as needed. We do have standard finishes to choose from for paint and flooring. However, new residents also have the option to consider upgrades and other customizations at an additional cost, such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops or lighting. Fireplaces, ceiling fans, upgraded appliances, and fully finishing the basement.

How long must one wait for available openings?

Availability of apartments, cottages, and Personal Care units varies greatly due to the high level of independence many residents enjoy as well as unexpected health needs arising for others. Openings in the Healthcare Center are more frequent due to amount of residents in the Center for short-term rehabilitation who have the goal to returning to their previous residence.

For Residential Living, applying to the Priority List will provide the earliest possible access to new openings. For those selecting the Priority List, the waiting period can be several months to several years, depending on an applicant’s preferences for a particular residence.

How soon must a move be made once selecting an available residence?

10% of the entrance fee will reserve an available residence for 60 days. During this time, refurbishing and installation of selected flooring and other options can be completed. If any upgrades are requested, payment for those upgrades will need to be made prior to the additional work starting. Final payment of the full entrance fee is required prior to or upon move-in. Extensions to address unexpected or unique circumstances may be requested but must be approved by United Zion Retirement Community.

If a chosen residence does not have an attached garage, do you have separate garages available for rental?

A limited number of separate garages are available for rental on a monthly basis. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are open to personal care, apartment and cottage residents.

What additional services are available in apartments and cottages should a need for assistance with daily activities arise?

United Zion welcomes the use of additional support in cottages and senior living apartments from family, friends or outside service providers to facilitate one’s independence as long as possible. We encourage conversations about specific needs and how our services may be able to meet your individual needs.

What sets United Zion Retirement Community apart from other Life Plan (Continuing Care) Communities?

The comments we receive most often from residents include an appreciation for the small community feeling, its Christian beliefs and friendly atmosphere where everyone can get to know everyone else, both residents and employees alike. This contrasts to many local retirement settings which have grown tremendously over the years and now serve hundreds and even thousands of individuals each year. When asking our independent residential living residents if they would recommend United Zion Retirement Community to others, 100% of them proudly said YES! with many indicating they have often done so with others they know.

How is an individual’s level of care determined in Personal Care?

United Zion Retirement Community’s experienced professional staff, along with the individual, other health care professionals and appropriate family, determine together the appropriate level of services needed. This process may include use of various assessment tools to determine the abilities and limitations of the person and potential to use modern technologies or products to promote one’s safety and independence.

Does United Zion Retirement Community offer a separate memory support area?
  • United Zion focuses on the individual needs of each person, including dementia support (including for those with Alzheimer’s), regardless of which level of living they reside. We are an integrated community when it comes to memory care. We do not offer a dedicated or secured memory care unit. Individual circumstances may require additional caregiver supervision or transfer to Personal Care or Healthcare to ensure appropriate support will be available. Current technologies are also used in the main building to enhance the security and safety of individuals displaying a potential to wander.
Does United Zion Retirement Community have Wi-Fi access?

United Zion offers complimentary internet access for residents and their guests within the main building, which includes all apartments, Personal Care and Healthcare accommodations. Wi-Fi coverage does not reach the cottages but can be accessed via local providers at additional cost.

Must all assets be turned over to live at United Zion Retirement Community?

No. Though applicants are expected to inventory all assets and income on the application, transfer of those assets to United Zion does not occur. Residents are responsible to pay their respective entrance fee initially and monthly fees thereafter, one month in advance.

Is long term care insurance required?

No. When United Zion Retirement Community considers an applicant’s financial eligibility, all income, assets and insurances are considered. This approach ensures an applicant’s long term care insurance will receive equal consideration with their other sources of income and assets. Those individuals not having long term care insurance will still receive equal consideration with other applicants, based on their total resources available.

What denomination is United Zion?

The United Zion Church grew out of the River Brethren traditions of the late 19th century and today consists of 11 congregations in the local tri-county region. Though the retirement community is a separate not-for-profit organization with its own Board of Directors, the United Zion congregations continue to participate in the life and mission of United Zion Retirement Community since our founding in 1905.

Must one be a United Zion Member to be a resident?

No. About 3% of residents are members of the United Zion congregations. The majority are typically comprised of other faiths common to Lancaster County. Keep in mind that all faiths are welcomed at United Zion Retirement Community.

Can one bring their own furniture and personal items from home?

Absolutely! Cottage and apartment residents fully furnish their residence with their own furnishings. Major appliances are provided and maintained by Untied Zion. Residents of Personal Care and Healthcare are encouraged to bring personal items and furnishings from home. Keep in mind that some furnishing items may not be suitable due to fire codes, available space, electrical requirements or future changes in the resident’s health condition or mobility.

Do you provide transportation to local destinations?

We have two buses, an accessible van and a passenger car for scheduled off-campus trips, outings, appointments and activities. Residents desiring transportation to a specific location(s) may arrange transportation ahead of time for an additional fee. Residential Living has scheduled group transportation for activities including frequent shopping trips and other cultural outings as part of their activity program and these trips are included in the monthly fees. Personal Care will also have occasional group outings which are also included as part of their activity program.

Are pets welcomed at United Zion Retirement Community?

Yes! Pets are welcomed as residents in specific residential living units. Certain policies apply to pet ownership to ensure appropriate care, safety and wellbeing for the pets as well as safety for all residents and visitors. Pets are welcomed as visitors in Personal Care and Healthcare according to policies designed with the safety and well-being of residents and visitors in mind.

What activities are on campus?

We have an ever changing list of activities and groups on campus depending on resident interest. Currently, there are groups for tone chimes, chorus, hymn sing, Bible study, prayer group, card & game group, bingo, Ladies Sunshine Club, craft group, gardening, men’s group, women’s group and volunteering.  Activities include educational speakers, health fair, tech classes, bus trips, concerts, game nights, movie matinees, fitness classes and trivia games.  We also take weekly excursions to various local restaurants, stores, museums and other points of interest.

What amenities are on campus?

There are many amenities on campus including restaurant, billiards, cornhole, shuffleboard, vegetable garden plots, rose garden, puzzle exchange, library, gas grill, computer lab, and hair & nail salon. We also offer group transportation to grocery stores and other local places. For a fee, private transportation for appointments can be arranged.

What medical services are available on campus for Residential Living?

For residential living, we offer the following on-campus medical services: health clinics (blood pressure, balance checks, flu shot, COVID-19 shots), physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, and lab work. Please note that additional on-campus medical services are available for those in Personal Care and the Healthcare Center.

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