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New residents and visitors regularly comment on the warmth and friendliness they feel as soon as they step onto United Zion Retirement Community’s campus. Long-time community members smile knowingly and reply, “That’s just who we are! You’re welcome here.”

Jean, who enjoys a beautiful apartment with a patio that opens onto a tucked-away courtyard, remembers her early days living here after a move from out of state: “As I walked [around], everyone spoke to me, even strangers. I felt like I wasn’t a new somebody but an old friend. In a short time this helped me to feel like I really belonged.”


United Zion Retirement Community offers amenities and services you care about. You can work out in the Wellness Center or take a walk around the campus. You can join the community chorus or Bible study group. You may want to craft or work on a puzzle in one of the many common spaces. You’ll love resident-initiated socials and community-wide events. Every day, you can choose to connect with (and build) vibrant relationships with your friendly neighbors.

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Drawing from the rich United Zion Church heritage of the founding family, United Zion culture embodies Anabaptist values such as living out one’s faith in practical ways, choosing to be honest and caring genuinely. Whether or not faith is a key part of your identity, you are welcome to join in a Christian retirement community that recognizes each person as important. With daily chapel services and an active chaplaincy ministry, your faith can grow.

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The everyday pleasures of the table are the spice of life! While most communities contract dining services to corporate conglomerates, our in-house chef and team are committed to bringing you delicious dishes made from fresh, local ingredients. Menu options include local Lancaster County favorites as well as food with an international flair to satisfy every taste.

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Dining Facility at United Zion Retirement Community in Lancaster County, PA
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