In a recent blog article, you encountered 4 questions designed to put you on the path to your perfect third age (or “retirement”) lifestyle. Here’s another helpful approach especially for the more visual, artistic, and right-brained among us.

What to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind (1) what you value most and (2) what keeps you healthy and happy as you invest your creative energy in this exercise for great results.

Retirement Planning Exercise:

Step 1: Think about the best “everyday” kind of day you can imagine. One that makes you smile and feel happy to be alive.

Step 2: Now draw a pie chart, or a tree with many branches, or a multi-scoop ice cream cone (!) that helps you visualize how you would spend your time during that perfect everyday kind of day.

For example, one person may choose to walk the dog, read the paper, volunteer job, cook one meal, gardening, talk on the phone, and go out to dinner.  Another person may choose to sleep in, meet friends for brunch, watch TV, swim, keep grandkids, hobby projects.

This visual becomes the X on your personal retirement treasure map. Use it to develop criteria of what you want and need in third age living. Does your treasure map lead you to determine the right size of your independent senior living arrangements for your lifestyle? To relocate to be closer to friends or family? To explore the freedom and confidence living in a Life Plan Community such as United Zion Retirement Community provides?

Planning for a plum “retirement” does not need to be a burden. Simply start with a pie chart.

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