Reserving Your Retirement Home

The coordination of when to sell a home, packing life’s accumulated mementos and setting up your ideal retirement nest can be mind boggling. Doing this while juggling the financial requirements, tours and open houses with potential purchasers and the timing of sales agreements can make a decision to do nothing an easy, but unfortunate conclusion. At United Zion, we understand these challenges and have paved several pathways to make the transition to independent living easier than you might imagine.

When planning for a move sometime in the future, the Standard and Priority Lists give you choice in establishing a relationship with the retirement village suited to your vision of timing. As your needs and readiness develop, your transition from the Standard to the Priority List will set up more timely access as openings come available. Your position on either list is secure, even if you turn down an available accommodation. And, the payment you make need not be lost but is applied to the fees when your eventual move to United Zion is complete.

Once settling on your selected apartment or cottage, United Zion offers four flexible options suited to your unique financial needs. Expecting to live in your independent living cottage for many years? One plan even adds on to your refund an equal share of the increased equity in your cottage! The available rental option offers an easy way to make a gradual move, allowing you the time to find the ideal fit for everything in your new home. It also offers the flexibility to apply the proceeds from your previous home sale toward an entrance fee plan of your choosing once the house sells. This allows for a much easier and worry-free transition for both you and your family.


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