Lancaster County is blessed with nearly two dozen Life Plan (also know as continuing care) retirement communities. Many of these communities are home to 400, 800, and even thousands of residents! On the other side of the scale is a retirement village like United Zion, with about 150 residents. How do you figure out what sizes is right for you?

Advantages of a Large Retirement Community

The larger communities have the advantage of size. This means they offer abundant amenities, which admittedly at most retirement villages, are used by a small fraction of the entire community. They may also provide greater selection in the type, size and features of independent senior living apartments and cottages and a larger number of scheduled activities and events for active adults.

Advantages of a Smaller Retirement Community

In contrast, a smaller community makes it very easy to find your way around rather than an intimidating large campus and multiple large buildings to travel through. The sheer number of people on a large campus can be overwhelming. Smaller campus tend to be fully walk-able, whereas the larger campus you may be driving from one building to another. Small retirement communities offer the advantage of residents and employees knowing one another.  The small and friendly neighborhood at United Zion is the one feature most often mentioned by residents as a valued plus in their eyes.

Other Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Community

It’s not just the size of the community but also the size of your residence that matters. There is a tendency to bring along items you may have not used in 10 or even 20 years. Bringing too much can make your new home crowded, cluttered and uncomfortable. For those that wish to maintain involvement in special projects, hobbies or collections, an extra room, garage or basement can help. The daylight basements in every cottage at United Zion offer flexible space to continue those important endeavors. Remember that the richest retirement lifestyles are those involving people and meaningful relationships more than the material things that build up along life’s way.

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