Transitioning to a retirement home can be daunting at first. There are many decisions to make. 

  • How will you sell your house? Real estate agent or public auction? Whose services will you choose?
  • What is needed to get your house ready for sale? 
  • What do you want to bring along to your new residence? How will you prioritize your belongings? What should you pack and what should you to give up? 
  • Who will help you move? A moving company? Family?

The list goes on for the preparations necessary to a successful transition to a senior independent living apartment or cottage. This can be intimidating not only for you but for your family, who may expect to bear a key role in making everything happen smoothly.

There are professionals out there that specialize in supporting seniors making the transition to retirement communities. These professionals can support you with moving, downsizing, setting up for auction, selling your house and more. Sometimes you may need help with just a few tasks or need a complete package from A to Z. These experienced professionals can customize a plan to match your needs while easing the complexity for you and your family.

Reach out to friends and family that made the transition already for recommendations. Or, call us at (717) 626-2071 for a list of local transitional professionals, local donation drop-offs and more. 

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