When considering your financial eligibility senior living, United Zion considers factors such as sources of income, assets and insurance coverage. With the completion of a simple preliminary application, United Zion’s financial software can verify current financial eligibility. This feedback will be helpful in your retirement financial planning. There is no cost to apply nor is there any obligation. Your information will remain confidential. 

Concerned about not having long term care insurance? United Zion considers long term care coverage to be beneficial, but not a requirement, for residency in our senior independent residential senior living community. We consider all income, assets and insurance coverage as part of your complete eligibility package. This gives you the assurance in knowing that if you do have this coverage, you will receive credit for it in your overall financial picture. In order to take advantage of third-party funding and benevolent care programs, United Zion provides assurance of continuing care with the understanding that no sources of assets or income will be reduced or redirected in order to rely upon the resources of United Zion or fellow residents for your continuing care.

Confused about which entrance fee plan may be the best for your situation? United Zion is able to help your retirement financial planning team by providing a full understanding of your options. This discussion can be with you alone or may include selected family members, financial advisors or others you rely upon for advice. In reviewing the Resident Agreement together, you will find how well each aspect of your finances and continuing care needs are addressed before any commitment to a specific residence or move date.

One great benefit of a continuing care retirement community is having the security in knowing your future care needs can be met, regardless of a future inability to cover the full cost of your care. This is security you will not find in any active adult or 55+ community!

Learn more about United Zion’s financial offerings and insurance-related coverage by requesting information or giving us a call at (717) 627-8421.

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