Are you feeling bored, isolated while trying to abide the social distancing recommendation? Here are 14 ideas on how to take advantage of this time at home.  

  1. Downsize – Whether you see a move in your next 3 months or your next 10 years, this is a great time to review what you have. Start to determine what you need for your next stage, Ask yourself what should I sell at the next yard sale or what should I donated?  You can focus on one room at time (garage, office, etc.) or one type of item (like clothing, book, collectibles, etc.). Check out our tips for downsizing here
  2. Spring clean – This is the perfect time to do a thorough cleaning and disinfect your house. Make sure to wipe down all high touch surfaces like door knobs, light switches, mobile phones, and remotes with properly certified disinfectants.
  3. Exercise – The weather has been warmer, so consider a walk outside. Want to stay in – try a few balance and stretching exercises? Walking inside your house works too. See a few exercise examples here.
  4. Organize paperwork – Now that your taxes have been taken care of, start pulling together the paperwork that you will need to apply and move into a Life Plan Community, like United Zion. Even if you don’t plan to make this move, having the information together for unexpected short-term rehabilitation stay will make things easier too. This paperwork should include your medical and financial POA, living will, healthcare directives, current financial statements and latest federal tax filings, health insurance cards, life insurance and social security cards. If you or spouse served in the military or have long-term care insurance make sure to have the documentation for that as well. Once the paperwork is gathered, consider filling out at least one application for a Life Plan Community, It never hurts to have your name on the list. Here at United Zion, applying is free. Just request an application by emailing or by calling 717-627-8421.
  5. Garden – Spring is here. Daffodils are blooming. This is a great time to clear winter from your flower beds, plan your vegetable garden or start your seedlings. Not up for outside work or just don’t like it? At United Zion, our groundskeepers take care of weeding, mulching, planting and more. For residents that enjoy gardening – there are garden plots. Plus, those with ground level apartments or cottages have the ability to plant what they like in the garden beds near their residences. We also have volunteers that enjoy helping out in our gardens when they have time. So whether you love gardening or hate it, now is the time to consider United Zion Retirement Community.
  6. Connect with others – Reach out to friends by giving them a call, setting up a video chat or writing a letter. It’s a great time to make sure your address book is up-to-date. Look into virtual groups such as a book club that meets online over Facebook or other video services. If you live with a spouse or friend, create a “stay-at-home date night”, pull out the old photos, have a movie night, take a walk together, play meaningful music (like your wedding song), read a book together, teach each other something or play a board game.
  7. Learn something new – The internet is full of how-to-videos, instructions for new card games or information on exotic places. What is that thing you always wanted to know how to do? It’s never too late to learn a new language.
  8. Complete that unfinished project – We all have that project that just never has been completed. Scrapbooks, puzzles, cross stitch, sewing, model airplane, painting – now is the perfect time to tackle it. Or what about those little house projects – such as that trim that needs a little paint touch up, fixing that broken screen or oiling that squeaky door. No better time to tackle those small projects that will make your home more appealing to buyers when you are ready to sell.
  9. Read a book – If you’ve read all the books in your house, look into downloading one from your local library. Or order a book online to be delivered directly to your house.
  10. Learn to meditate – Meditation can help you relax during this stressful time. Meditation has been shown to slow the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress and improve digestive function. Some research also seems to indicate meditation can help preserve cognitive function, reduce depression and more.
  11. Take a virtual vacation – Watch a video on an exotic location or read a book about a place you always wanted to visit. Many museums around the world offer virtual tours.
  12. Join a pen pal program – Start connecting with someone new that can help you learn about other people and places. Here is a list of various pen pal programs
  13. Try a new recipe (or several) – This is a great time to try new recipes or plan some meals to freeze. Have a spice that has been sitting in your cabinet awhile or an overabundance of pasta? Find a recipe with that ingredient. A country you always wanted to visit? Pick a recipe that is traditional for that country. Or maybe it is just a cookbook that’s been sitting on the shelf for too long?
  14. Write your memoirs – Pull out those old photos and start writing about your life. Your children and grandchildren will love the stories you have and it is always fun to look back and reminisce.

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