Certified nurse aides (CNAs), often referred to as certified nursing assistants, work under the supervision of a licensed nurse. These positions are an important part of the healthcare team here at United Zion Retirement Community, as CNAs have significant resident contact as they work to keep residents happy, safe, and healthy. Their observations and care are key to providing the best skilled nursing care possible. Nurse aides build strong relationships with residents.

What does a Certified Nurse Aide do on a daily basis?

Certified nurse aides find it a gratifying profession with a daily sense of pride and accomplishment. The job can be demanding both mentally and physically as the nurse aide is providing constant care and support to residents. This care and support includes:

  • Aiding with daily living activities (like bathing and feeding)
  • Taking vitals
  • Providing motion exercise
  • Transporting residents
  • Giving rehabilitative and restorative care
  • Supplying psycho-social support and more

What training does a Certified Nurse Aide need?

Training includes 120 hours or more of instruction including some hands on training. Once the training is complete, you must take and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam to be certified, which includes both a written test and a skills evaluation. Learn more about PA requirements for CNAs here.

Central Pennsylvania programs for earning your Certified Nursing Aide credentials:

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