Why Consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community offers the greatest security possible through knowing changes in your needs can be accommodated when aging throws you a sudden curve ball. When unplanned circumstances arise, having a host of services readily available in the retirement village where you live relieves a great deal of stress for you, your spouse and your family. Some services can be provided in your apartment or cottage while others are most beneficial when provided in a setting uniquely suited for specialized needs. Such flexibility and access to services will not be found in active adult or 55+ communities.


Short term illness or surgery got you down?

Professional rehabilitative care is available on an in-patient or out-patient basis depending on your specific medical needs. Should you find life in a cottage is becoming too difficult or isolating, your priority transfer to a convenient apartment will make life easier and more enjoyable. And at United Zion, you have the security in knowing that your care needs will be met regardless of your care level and your ability to pay the cost of additional care! This is an essential feature not all retirement villages provide.


Considering an active adult or 55 plus community?

Owning a property eventually requires selling that property when health needs arise 10 or 20 years later. This process can become particularly traumatic when facing serious health needs at the same time. Consider that as you age, your neighbors also age making that once vibrant active adult community less appealing to future purchasers 20 years your junior. The tried and tested alternative of a continuing care retirement community offers full independence for today and a host of services and assistance you will greatly appreciate in future years. Well over half of our health care admissions are individuals unable to obtain or maintain the consistent care support they needed in their previous home, requiring a swift and often, uneasy transition from their home because of an inability to meet their needs for unscheduled assistance. The thoughtful elder will plan ahead for a time when they may not find active adult living as simple and easy as it once appeared.


Considering a care-at-home service package?

These new models of service delivery offer the choice to remain at home with services brought to you as aging brings the need for additional help. Being able to remain in a familiar setting, possibly with helpful neighbors nearby is very appealing. However, realize that your home ages also and will require attention, care and repairs that are not always provided by such care packages. Another aspect of aging-in-place is gradually increasing isolation in your own home, as traveling out becomes too difficult with increased age. A campus-based continuing care community places you right in the midst of abundant social, spiritual and recreational opportunities, including three delicious meals daily seven days a week. This security adds great value to the continuing care retirement community model for active adult living. Finally, care-at-home programs cannot provide for immediate or repeatedly unscheduled care needs unless add-on services using 24/7 staff coverage are chosen. This level of service support can be costly, if available at all. The continuing care community has that base covered for you as well!


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