How to Know When You Are Ready to Move Into A Retirement Home?

Making a move while being an active adult and engaged with life affords the best opportunity to make sound and informed decisions about your lifestyle, home environment and the community in which you will engage. Making life changing decisions becomes more challenging and uncertain for elders, especially if sudden health needs arise affecting you emotionally, physically and financially. A continuing care retirement community addresses those risks through a continuum of services suited to your changing needs.


The experience of United Zion Retirement Community residents over 110 years of existence illustrates that planning ahead affords the greatest security and the most successful transition to the retirement village lifestyle. Engaging with familiar and new friends in the new community, while you enjoy your full independence, brings a vibrancy to life that cannot be matched. The resulting relationships enrich life for residents, their family and friends.


Does the fear of giving up those favorite hobbies and collections discourage making a move? United Zion’s cottages offer abundant, flexible space in the daylight basements providing the freedom to enjoy those interests right in the convenience of your own home. Some choose to use this space for a home office, an overnight guest suite or a grand recreation room for family and friends.


Having a conversation with others who have chosen the retirement living lifestyle will help clarify your vision of how enjoyable life can be. Frequently we hear the phrase, “We should have done this sooner” or “I am so glad we made the move when we did”. The security a continuing care community offers is a blessing residents and their families truly appreciate as the years go by. Providing this security for not only yourself, but for those that care about you most, will bring a sense of freedom and independence you may have already been missing for some time!


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