Choosing a place to live is a challenge at any age. However, as we age, it can be more difficult. We encourage you to consider the value of a non-profit faith-based Life Plan community.

As a non-profit faith-based community, United Zion is focused on providing quality care for seniors, not profit. There are no investors to keep happy, just residents, their families and the team members. All money generated gets reinvested to care. It is our mission and ministry. Faith and caring is what drives our team members every day to do a great job. This isn’t a workplace but a family.

We believe in the value of continuing care. It is hard to predict what the future holds especially when it comes to our health. Continuing care retirement communities allow you to plan for the “what-ifs”. This helps not just the seniors we care for, but their families. No one is worrying about what the next steps will be. Those we care for know that we will be here to care for them throughout their time at United Zion. Residents, families and team members know that providing the right care is critical for the best life possible.

Value does not just come from pricing, it comes from the care we provide. Our Firestone Healthcare Center has a five star facility rating by CMS. Resident to staffing ratios are far beyond what is required by CMS and the PA DOH. We have had no deficiencies in our infection control inspection in over three years. In Firestone Healthcare Center, we offer all private rooms and a neighborhood model that makes it feel more like home.

Can it be challenging to provide quality care? Of course. Medicaid reimburses less than 50% of the cost of care. So for every person on Medicaid in 2021, our benevolent fund needed to cover $231.37 a day on average to provide the level of care we are committed to giving. In 2021, that was over $2.45 million dollars in unreimbursed care. We have been providing quality care for senior for over 117 years and it will continue to be our mission for many years to come.  If you’d like to continue to help us with this mission, please consider giving a gift by call 717-627-8421 or donating online here.



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