An Educational Series for Seniors and their Families

Recycling, Trash & Lancaster County

Speaker: LCSWMA

When: Monday May 13th at 1PM.

Where: United Zion’s Community Room

Why did the recycling rules change? How is our trash handled? What can be recycled?

Cookies & coffee will be served.

Low Vision: Acceptance and Support

Speaker: Nino Pesce

When: Friday June 14 at 1:30PM

Where: The Chapel at United Zion Retirement Community

Are you or a family member dealing with a vision loss or low vision? Learn about the 10 guidelines to help sighted people relate to blind people. See how Nino lives the blind person’s creed “I believe that I can be as productive as anyone else.  I have the right to go where you go, and work where you work, as long as I’m qualified to do the job.  With your help and the help of God, I WILL SUCCEED!!!”

Cookies and coffee will be served.

Future Preparations from Medicaid to Pre-Planning Burials

Speaker: Ashley Smith Myers from Charles E. Snyder Funeral Homes

When: July 25 – 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Where: United Zion’s Community Room

Come get ice cream! Learn more on Veterans benefits, Medicaid benefits, how the Medicaid spend down operates as well as green burials and other end of life needs.


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