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May 2022

Pastels and Oils, Kathryn Reis

This exhibit will showcase Reis’s diverse body of works from still life to animals, landscapes to portraits. It is filled with life and energy as well as a little mystery with the hopes of invoking pleasant emotions from the viewer.

Old Growth gives you a glimpse of Reis’s love for nature, trees and light. She captures how the light of the afternoon sun dances on the rough bark. You can see how she creates art for the joy of creation and to instill that same joy in the viewer. This love of creation goes back to her childhood where she enjoyed drawing. She became an artist after realizing she was looking for a new direction in life and found that art gave her peace and contentment. She finds that her artwork is just an extension of herself as she puts a bit of her personality and self into each piece she paints. The intensity of colors and contrast excites her which you will see continually in her work.

Reis has an associate’s degree in computer science from Penn State and has taken many classes at York Art Association. She is mentored by Phyllis Disher Fredericks who has been her main inspiration as she teaches Reis to soar and explore.

2022 Calendar

January – Team Member and Resident Art Show

February – Stacy Zimmerman

March & April (starting March 10th) – Dot Stepenaski, Pastel

May – Kathryn Reis, Pastels & Oils

June – Lillie Fernback, Watercolor & Photography

July – Jeremy Miller, Spiritual Pen & Ink

August – Karen Frattali & Deb Watson

September – Brenda Blank

October – David “Gibby” Gibson

November – Catherine Herbert, Acrylic

December – Helena Dueck; Oils, Watercolor & Fiber Art

Old Growth by Kathryn Reis

Old Growth by Kathryn Reis

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