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August and September Artist – Jennifer Cavalcante

Photographer Jennifer Cavalcante developed a passion for the camera and the images it produces in high school. She pursued her early passion graduating with honors and awards from Antonelli School of Photography with an Associate Degree. Her creativity and photography is motivated by the desire to capture a feeling and expression of the wonder and beauty that surrounds us.

She developed her skills throughout her professional career. For 35 years, she owned and operated Jena’ Studio, photographing portraits and events. When the digital age arrived, Cavalcante found it opened up a whole new adventure in photography. She finds digital tools offer the prospect of endless creativity, as this new medium allows the photographer to more easily control multiple aspects of color, surface and print quality. Cavalcante has won numerous awards for her photography, and continues to exhibit in shows and competitions.

Her exhibit at United Zion focuses on her photographs of birds from The National Aviary in Pittsburgh which is the largest, independent and non-profit aviary in the United States. The National Aviary is dedicated to saving birds and protecting their habitats. As the birds roam free in their habitats, one is able to observe their personalities and interaction with the other birds. In the photographs, the personality of the birds and their bright plumage is perfectly captured and will bring joy to all that see them.

Come to United Zion Retirement Community to see Jennifer Cavalcante’s exhibit on birds through September 27 or see our Facebook page for a virtual tour.


Pink Bird by Jennifer Cavalcante


October and November Artist – Suz Moll

Suze Moll, an advocate for recycling, enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to repurpose discarded items into art. Her love of art and repurposing is currently focused on using old magazines, combined with the bright colors of alcohol inks to create vibrant works of Mixed Media art. Moll enjoys creating Mixed Media pieces with textures such as plastics, papers, fabrics and acrylic paints. Inspired by her grandmother’s love to sew, she also uses discarded clothing and fabrics to create wearable art. These colorful creations available at her store, ReMixArt to Wear, may include collars, necklaces, capes, earrings, bracelets, scarfs, and more.

Moll has always been interested in art and creating. Her love for art and design led her to become a graphic designer and owner of Design Express and Associates. Over the last 10 years, she has successfully blended graphics and fine art. Moll’s love for color, design, and creativity has led her to study color and psychic influences. She has developed workshops in color and transition, and chakra colors influence.

Moll’s exhibit reflects a fresh approach to creating art using a variety of discarded items in an unusual way. Moonlight Water and In the Field is part of a group of works created using brightly colored alcohol inks and pages from old National Geographic magazines to create Altered Pages. She created this striking art using a two-step method of melting the ink from a National Geographic. After drying, she selects pages that have intriguing patterns or markings. Then, she visualizes what the art on the page will look like. Next, she uses a solvent to remove any unwanted ink. Finally, she goes back in and create the art with alcohol ink, liquid acrylic, colored pencil, or chalk to add details, highlight areas, and bring out the colors. She may also use one or more sheets of altered papers.

Moll also creates mosaic art with old broken dishes, which she pieces together a face and surrounds the face with oodles of ornate items. All these bits and pieces came together to create Broken but Not Shattered. She states “This piece for me represents the things that I let go and the new pieces I have found. We each have pieces of ourselves that in some way do not serve us anymore and we each have new things in our lives that we have discovered.”

The three-piece series My Art… was created from fabrics that were exposed to a high temperature and melted. After cooling, they were painted and micro-bronzed. A similar process was used on the work of Red Leaves. Each red leaf symbolizes a child, who died in a Florida school shooting.

One of Suze Moll’s secret passions is creating fairy houses. She use empty bottles or old shoes embellishing them with fabrics, found objects, and vintage jewelry to create tiny little dwellings. Some of the homes feature a hot tub, a sun deck, a satellite dish, and even a firepit. Currently, Fairyopolis boasts 7 houses, a theater, an opera house, and a hotel.

Suze Moll grew up in Danville, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Syracuse University in New York. She currently resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her family. Her work is showcased at her studio in Harrisburg, Amos Went West in Mechanicsburg, MAAA Gallery in Millersburg, Hershey Library, and various locations in the area. Moll also authored Your Inner-Planetary Activity Guide to Our Solar SystemChakras Your Inner Rainbow, Just Add Color and Paintbox Wisdom.  She is a member of HAAA, MAAA, Tee Shirts for Peace, and a life member of MOMA (Maker of Magical Art).

Come to United Zion Retirement Community to see Jennifer Cavalcante’s exhibit on birds through September 30.

Virtual Gallery tour will be available on United Zion’s Facebook page.

Please note: all Art Gallery visitors will be screened and are required to wear mask covering nose and mouth. Gallery visitors are restricted to the Art Gallery.


Moonlight Water by Suze Moll

Mix Media artwork Moonlight Water by Suze Moll


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