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September’s Artist – Painter Stacey Zimmerman

Inspired by nature, color, and light, Zimmerman creates art to inspire, heal or evoke a strong emotion. Zimmerman considers her style impressionistic, abstract and illuminating. She primarily works in with acrylic paints with a focus on color and light.

Zimmerman states that “People need a feast for their eyes. They are starve for inspiration, beauty, connection and distractions. We are distracted everyday by the bright lights and colors that our smart phones provide us. We are connected to the world through social media sites. However, it is those momentary distractions of visual art that give us those quiet, comfortable, warm and fuzzy feelings… The world needs more optimism, beauty and nature. Take a blank canvas and make something beautiful. Make something out of nothing.”

Zimmerman lives in Lititz with her husband and three children. She has been painting for over 20 years.

Nature's Light by Stacey Zimmerman

Nature’s Light by Stacey Zimmerman

October’s Artist – Painter Craig Andrews

Craig Andrews focuses on nature and landscapes with dramatic lighting. He states “I am always drawn to the beauty of nature and what God has created. I love the process of hiking with my camera – taking photos of scenes that interest me. I use these photos as reference material for my paintings.”

His love of nature and color is showcased in his watercolor piece Iris Blooms with its bright purple hues and exquisite details such as the delicate veining of each leaf.

Andrews is a York County native that currently resides in Lebanon County. He has bachelor of arts degree from York College of PA and a degree in Specialized Technology, Graphic Design, from Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, York, PA. His background in trained graphic designer which is reflected in his GravelWORKS series where he uses a mix of acrylic paint, gravel and dirt. The gravel and dirt adds texture while the bright acrylic paint and clean shapes bring to mind Pop Art of the 1950s.

Craig Andrews's GravelWorks series "Tiger Swallowtail".

GravelWorks series “Tiger Swallowtail” by Craig Andrews’s 



Craig Andrew's "Iris Bloom" watercolor.

 “Iris Bloom” by Craig Andrew


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