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Flowers In Space

by Nancy Shelly


by Chris Eby

The EYES have it

by Nancy Shelly

January – Artwork by Employees of United Zion

The Art Gallery at United Zion Retirement Community (UZRC) is featuring two of its own employees as the UZRC Artists of the Month for January – Nancy Shelly and Chris Eby.

Nancy Shelly studied Commercial Art and is currently exploring fluid painting. Shelly finds the endless possibilities of fluid painting thrilling and loves to show others how it works. In fluid painting, the paint is mixed with an additive to make the paint more fluid. Instead of using paint brushes, everyday tools from strainers to cups to hair dryer diffusers are filled with the altered paint and pour on to canvas. The paint is, also, manipulated with string, canvas tipping and layering. These vibrant works of art are brilliantly hued and feature an amazing depth due to the textures in the paint.

Chris Eby’s artwork is heavily inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime, which are two artistic styles of comics and cartoons. His art process typically begins with a pencil sketch that is then inked over with a fine-point Sharpie and colored in with pencils. Chris loves turning on some music and letting his imagination take control as he draws or paints.

Come to United Zion Retirement Community to see Nancy Shelly and Chris Eby’s brightly colored works, January 7th to January 31st.


by Vitaly Borisenko

Moravian Star

by Vitaly Borisenko

February – Vitaly Borisenko

The Art Gallery at United Zion Retirement Community (UZRC), Lititz, will showcase award-winning Lititz artist Vitaly Borisenko as the Artist of the Month for February 2019. Borisenko’s oil paintings are executed in a realistic, classic representational manner although some may exhibit vivid brushwork. His paintings focus on still life with antique items, and Plein Air landscape and structures. Plein Air means that the artwork is painted outside and not in the studio. His work is executed on custom prepared linen panels and Belgian linen canvases which he stretches himself.

Borisenko sees his mission in art as bringing the simple, good and constructive into the busy modern world filled with negative information. He is a believer in the Alla Prima approach where you take time daily to paint from life in one sitting. He often speaks about the “Practice of Daily Painting” and has a newsletter dedicated to the practice as well.

Borisenko is active in the local Lititz art community and is the vice-president of the Lititz Art Association. He is also an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America. He won a 1st Place Award in the professional category at the Lancaster County Art Association’s 2016 Winter Membership show and Best of Show Award at the 2018 Landis Woods Fine Art Show.

Come to United Zion Retirement Community to see Borisenko’s works during the month of February.


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