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September 2022

Watercolors, Brenda Blank 

United Zion’s Trinity Art Gallery will showcase the “Noticed Along the Way” exhibit by Brenda Blank.  These exquisitely detailed works of art focus on something that captured her attention while traveling, touring, driving or taking a walk. Blank often knows immediately when she sees a landscape scene, an object, or even a child playing, if it is something she will paint. After seven years in watercolor exclusively, she has begun exploring plein air painting and water-soluble oils as well.

When you come to see the show, make sure to take some time looking at Old Water Jar. While touring a historic house in St. Augustine FL, the way the light came through the window of a dim room and fell across an old water jar caught Blank’s attention. This watercolor was painted using only two neutral colors capturing the moody feel of the scene.

In Dressing Up Is For the Birds, Blank transports you to the streets of Venice, where she noticed a woman dressed in colorful clothing sitting alone along the street as birds seemed to be gather around her. The piece makes you wonder “What is the woman waiting for? Where is she going? Why is she so dressed up to just sit with the birds?”

Blank states that “My passion is to highlight the beauty in things I see. I think that by sketching and painting ordinary things, it shows their meaning and purpose in our daily lives. Someone once encouraged me to “paint the pearl”. Life is full of visual gifts and special moments. I hope to represent these pearls of life in my paintings.” Blank finds that watercolor painting is both relaxing and energizing.

Born and raised in Lancaster County, Blank is a self-taught artist. She finds that she has a need inside of her to express her thoughts creatively. As a child, she took part in the art competitions at the local farmer fairs often taking home a ribbon or two. Her interest in art continued in high school as she took as many art classes as possible. After a break for mission work, marriage, jobs and motherhood, she enrolled in a watercolor class with a local artist. Afterward, with mentorship from other local artists, she created a career in art starting in 2014. She is thankful for this season of time where she can dedicate herself to learning new skills, practicing techniques and training herself in this kind of expression. Blank is an award winning member of the Lancaster County Art Association and Lancaster Museum of Art.

Come to United Zion Retirement Community to see Brenda Blank’s artwork starting September 1st. The exhibit is open daily from 8AM to 8PM in the Trinity Art Gallery through October 30th. Please note that all visitors will be screened and are required to wear a mask covering nose and mouth.


2022 Calendar

January – Team Member and Resident Art Show

February – Stacy Zimmerman

March & April (starting March 10th) – Dot Stepenaski, Pastel

May – Kathryn Reis, Pastels & Oils

June – Lillie Fernback, Watercolor & Photography

July – Jeremy Miller, Spiritual Pen & Ink

August – Karen Frattali & Deb Watson

September- October  – Brenda Blank

November – TBD

December – Helena Dueck; Oils, Watercolor & Fiber Art

Dressing Up Is For the Birds,

Dressing Up Is For the Birds, By Brenda Blank

Old Water Jar

Old Water Jar by Brenda Blank

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