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May’s Artist – Brian Lehman

Brian Lehman is the resident artist at First United Methodist Church of Lancaster and the Hempfield High School Art Department Chair. His exhibit at United Zion’s Art Gallery offers the viewer a retrospect of many years of a daily sketchbook practice in both pencil and watercolor.  Some of the works are from a period where his sketchbook practice was just beginning in Rome, Italy where he spent 7 months studying while on a sabbatical from teaching.  While exploring the city and surrounding countryside, small sketches became part of his daily habit, which he brought back home to his everyday life here in Lancaster County.

Lehman is motivated to grow his ability and capture what is seen and unseen in the world around him.  His purpose is to inspire people of all ages to embrace their inner artist and engage in this lifelong skill of self-expression.

Lehman’s busy schedule with teaching, volunteering and fatherhood made it difficult to find time to work on his art. He decide to simply embrace what was available each day, which was typically during small periods of waiting or listening. Doctors’ offices, music lessons, concerts, sermons, lectures, even restaurants and bookstores all offer moments where taking time to look and observe are ready and waiting.  By working smaller and changing the materials, he eased many of the portage and time challenges. He now never leaves home without his pocket-sized sketchbook, which visually chronicles his kids, family members and life’s many events.  This created a visual journal documenting these cherished years of family life.  This has helped him learned to enjoy the smaller moments and easily find beauty in the commonplace.

Brian Lehman's Watercolor Work
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