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“Our life here has given us
greater independence, less
work, less expense and more
activities, all surrounded by a
caring and supportive staff and
great neighbors.”

- Nino

Cottage & Apartment Reservations

Process for Reserving an Available Cottage or Apartment

  • Week One: Tour the apartment or cottage and determine if it’s the right size for your needs. Complete an initial application and obtain financial eligibility approval.
  • Week Two to Three: With financial eligibility, reserve the residence for 60 days with a 10% deposit.
  • Week Four: Confirm desired options and provide payment for options.
  • During the Following Two to Three Months: Prepare for moving (usually within 60 days of providing the deposit), sign residency agreement, and make Entrance Fee payment.

Applying to the Future Resident List – your best choice for priority access!

  • Week One: After touring the community, determine the type and size of residence you prefer.
  • Week Two to Three: Complete the initial application and provide a deposit payment of $1,000 that will be applied towards your entrance fee.
  • In Future Months or Years: Respond to United Zion when contacted about an available residence, arranging a tour and determine if the residence is suitable to your needs. Follow with the steps listed above to reserve the Residence and plan your move.

Why Consider the Future Resident List Now?

The Future Resident List gives you the timeliest access to available Residences. Should an unexpected event suddenly increase your readiness, you will be in a better position to secure a Residence. If you decline an opening, you do not lose your position on the list!

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