I’ve been a mountain biker for more than a decade and a half. Every hour on the trail is an hour I anticipate and treasure. I’ve learned many things over the years, such as to mentally focus on where you want to go rather than one where you don’t want to go. But one thing I’ve struggled to overcome is my tendency to look at the patch of ground right in front of me instead of looking down the trail ahead.

It’s super easy to concentrate on right here, right now without raising my eyes to anticipate what obstacle or opportunity lies ahead.  By not raising my eyes I’ve put myself in a situation that ultimately concluded my trail ride with a trip to the emergency room for stitches.

And by not looking down the trail I may not be able to fully take advantage of coming opportunities!  If I haven’t noticed there’s a great downhill section coming up, I may be in too low a gear when I crest the ledge, and I’ll end up coasting down. Coasting is fine, but it’s more fun to remain in fuller control and really zip. Yes, there are parallels to negotiating life and its major decisions.

As I interact with individuals and families exploring residential living options United Zion Retirement Community offers – excellent independent senior living cottages and apartments, Personal Care residences, and a 5-star nursing center – I often meet people like me. People who’ve had their attention on what’s right in front of them instead of looking down the trail ahead.

Every week we get requests for the opportunity to move to United Zion “right away,” or “within a few months.” With full occupancy and a robust residential living future-resident list, it would be very rare for us to be able to accommodate this kind of request.

Whatever the major life decision you’re facing (or don’t want to face), you’ll be glad you kept your eyes up and disciplined yourself to look down the trail – so you can be fully prepared for the best possible future.

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